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The retirement equation

How much do you really need?

What retirement lifestyle do you want?

Once you are able to define what successful retirement looks like for you, crafting a plan to make it a reality becomes easier — whether you’re 25, 45 or, yes, even 55. Knowing you are successfully working toward the retirement lifestyle you’ve always envisioned can be a great comfort. Download our eBook to gain strategies for retiring with confidence.

  • Approximately 31 percent* of us have little or no retirement savings at all.

  • Household owners aged 55 to 60 have a median retirement account balance of $104,000*.

  • A retiree can expect to pay an average of $220,000* in medical expenses over the course of retirement.

Our book will show you tactics for getting to retirement with confidence:

  • Know your current financial landscape
  • Think tax breaks
  • Tamp down the risk
  • Be aware of your spending and make thoughtful choices
  • Work more, work longer
  • Downsize, move, relocate
  • Diversify investments

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